MSc Social Research and Evaluation

Creative Arts Building, University of Huddersfield

About the course

The MSc Social Research and Evaluation (Distance Learning) operates within a multidisciplinary framework to provide a rigorous practical and applied training in social research methods. The course is designed to meet the postgraduate training requirements of the Economic and Social Research Council and thus will meet the training needs of those undertaking (or intending to undertake) social science (and related disciplinary) doctoral research.

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Online application Full-time - Part-time

N.B. the online system closes on 31st July, after this date please e-mail Social Research and Evaluation for a Word version application form.

N.B. Even if you are an overseas student you will not need a Visa as all learning is done at a distance.

What is Social Research and Evaluation?

The course examines the methods used in a wide range of displines to research what people do and say and the social organisations and cultures they live in. You will examine a wide range of techniques and strategies such as: surveys, interviews, evaluations, discourse analysis, multivariate statistics, focus groups, grounded theory, sampling, and ethnography.

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How the course is taught

The course is entirely distance learning and we use the 'flipped classroom' concept in teaching. This means you will work with a range of texts, videos and exercises during guided personal study time. This is followed by regular webinars where interactions with the academic staff are used to explore and develop your understanding of the session content.

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The Resource section provides you with more information about the content of the modules on the course and links to the Open Educational Resources we use in teaching.

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