MSc Social Research and Evaluation

HMB2000 Social Research Methods

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Individual session are:

The Nature of Social Research 30:35

Reliability, validity, generalizability and credibility.

Pt .1 of 3: Reliability, validity, generalizability and credibility 39:23

Part 2 of 3 The Quality of Qualitative Research 9:10

Part 3 of 3 The Process of Research 21:47


Surveys and Sampling

Social Surveys. 42:11

Sampling 34:37


Case Studies
Types of Case Study 18:59

Planning a Case Study 8:44

Replication or Single Cases 25:04


Experiments and quasi-experiments
The Experiment 30:52

Quasi-experiments. 44:17


Questionnaire Design
Question types & piloting 33:56

Questionnaire layout & question wording. 20:16

Ratings & scales. 17:38


Personal Construct Psychology
Personal Constructs. 25:13

The Repertory Grid. 47:29


Documents and Diaries
Documents in social research 1:05:50

Diaries in social research 18:09


Research Interviewing
Part 1: Interviews and the Interview Society 15:08

Part 2: The Pros and Cons of Interviewing 11:19

Part 3: Types of Interviews 17:02

Part 4: The Interview Schedule 9:52

Part 5: The Sequence of Events and Types of Question 20:18

Part 6: Good Practice and Technology 12:30


Ethnography and Participant Observation
Ethnography. 40:47

What to observe in Participant Observation. 26:16


Practical Issues and Ethics
Practical Issues of Social Research 22:03

Writing Up Social Research 27:45

The Ethics of Social Research. 13:22